Patient Measures

This page describes the following patient-reported measures:

These measures are mixed and matched into short surveys to meet specific needs. Click on the roundels to see more information about each measure.


HowRu is a short generic patient-reported outcome measure (PROM), to track and compare patients’ perceptions of how they feel physically and mentally and what they can do (disability and dependence).

HowRwe is a short generic patient-reported experience measure (PREM), which measures patients perceptions of the care and service provided. It is suitable for all types of patient and care setting.

HCS captures people’s confidence in their knowledge, self-management, access to help and shared decision-making.

The Personal Wellbeing Score (PWS), based on National Statistics ONS4, covers life evaluation, worthwhileness, positive and negative experience.

Better care integration is essential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of new models of care.

Aspects of self-care including diet, physical activity, weight management and medication compliance.


Loneliness is now recognised as a big issue. Our measure includes both emotional and social aspects of loneliness.


Poor sleep is the most common expression of mental health issues. It is also associated with many other health conditions including cancer, diabetes and cardiac problems.


Loss happens when we lose a loved one, face terminal disease or lose capability due to disease or trauma. Acceptance is the final stage of the Kubler-Ross grief cycle.


Social determinants of health are the cause of health inequalities, such as differences in mortality and morbidity rates between neighbourhoods.