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We are a dedicated team, experienced in innovation and delivery.

Tim Benson

CEO R-Outcomes Ltd
07855 682037

Tim Benson has spent most of his career in healthcare, focusing on patient outcome and experience measures, interoperability and digital health.

He originally trained as an engineer at the University of Nottingham, where he designed, built and tested one of the first hovercraft built outside the aerospace industry.

He joined the NHS in 1974 to lead the evaluation of new computer systems being introduced at the Charing Cross Hospital in London. There he met some of the pioneers of healthcare outcome measures and saw their potential.

In 1980, he established one of the first GP computer suppliers, which developed problem-oriented patient records for use in the consulting room and the Read Codes, which led later to SNOMED CT. From about 1990 he focused on health interoperability, HL7 and later FHIR.

In the mid 2000s he began a project to develop short generic health outcome measures. This was followed by a patient experience and other measures, leading to founding R-Outcomes Ltd.

He is a member of the first cohort of NHS Patient Entrepreneurs.

Alex Benson

Alex directs and oversees projects and/or plans for new and existing customers, and prospects. This involves planning each stage of development, producing insightful reports and analysing data. Also involved with managing developers to ensure that software performs as expected.