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PROMs and PREMs improve quality

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PROMs and PREMs measure what matters to patients, patient, staff, carer and innovation. Short, simple, research-based and validated measures. Use and tailor with a pick and mix. Show results with real-time interactive dashboards.

What do you want to measure?

Patient Measures

All elements of patient care, experience and wellbeing

Staff Measures

Understand staff wellbeing and perception of work

These PROMs and PREMs are short, easy to use and applicable to all types of patient. This means that you can use them to measure the impact of innovations in terms of outcomes, experience and readiness to innovate. With many options, you can choose measures for different needs or KPIs. We have different variants for patient, staff or carer use.

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Using Results

See your findings on the results Portal in near real time. This lets you display them as charts or tables to understand what is happening and take action to improve things.  With bespoke dashboards for every service, automatically updated, it is easy to see what really matters.

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All projects have a similar life-cycle:



Be clear about what you want to measure. Then we can help you design surveys and processes needed, including who does what, when and where.


Set up on our survey engine to maximise response rates


Real-time interactive results dashboards show you how you are doing


Interpret the results and make further improvements

Social prescribing

Community MDTs

Care homes

General practice

Long-term conditions

Facilitated discharges

Mental health


Health coaching

Innovation evaluation


“The new reports are perfect! It has made looking for information so much easier. The new dashboard is really user friendly. It is simple but you can get all the information that you require from it, with a click and a glance.”

Emily BestICT Co-ordinator

“Living with diabetes since childhood, I want to get up in the morning, knowing that I can live a normal life. Clinical outcomes like HbA1c are essential, but patient-reported outcomes have more meaning for me.”

Sandra TweddellWest of England AHSN

“PROMs and PREMs show important insights into service users experience. When combined with other qualitative and objective data, we see corroboration between findings, e.g. better self-management and reduced emergency service use.”

Phillipa Darnton,Associate Director - Insight, Wessex AHSN