Measure What You Want

What we do

We help patients, clinicians and managers quantify what really matters to them. This includes being effective, safe, timely, efficient, equitable and patient-centred. We all expect the health and care services to help patients (and their families) live happier, healthier and longer lives as well as to provide an excellent quality of service.

We know that:
· The only way to find out how much services help them is to ask patients.
· Patients will only fill in questionnaires regularly if these are simple, short and relevant.
· Staff will only use the results to improve services if results are easy to understand and trust worthy.
· We cannot improve what we do not measure.

Our Service


We can provide a complete end-to-end service to help you monitor services and for evaluation. We assist with all parts of the PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycle and model for improvement.


Our portfolio of validated generic PROMs and PREMs are available for use in quality improvement and evaluation projects. There are patient, staff and carer versions of most measures.