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Proven measures that offer insight across patients and workforce and allow you to to improve care

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R-Outcomes provides a family of quick, easy-to-use tools and services to measure what matters to patients, carers and staff and allow you to improve care.

Increasingly, health and care services are adopting a value-focused culture, where everyone understands the needs of the people they treat and what is achieved for money spent.

R-Outcomes provides the tools (measures, software and support) to help you capture and report health status, wellbeing, health confidence, patient experience and innovation capabilities as perceived patients, staff and carers.

Our measures are generic (suitable for all types of condition) and share a common look and feel. Surveys are built on a pick and mix basis. Results are presented using interactive dashboards in near real time. Everything is consistent, quick and easy to use.

R-Outcomes services are simpler and have a broader scope than those offered by any competitors. They are research-based and validated.

What would you like to measure?


All elements of patient care, experience and wellbeing


Understand staff wellbeing and perception of work


Understanding confidence and wellbeing


Readiness and adoption of innovation.

How it all works

All projects have the same life-cycle:



We help you design the surveys and processes needed, including who does what, when and where.

Set up

We set these up on our survey engine to maximise response rates


Interactive results dashboards let you know how you are doing


We help you interpret the results.

Simple, straightforward surveys

All R-Outcomes person-reported outcome measures (PROMs) and person-reported experience measures (PREMs) are short, easy to use and applicable to all types of patient. They measure the impact of innovations in terms of outcomes, experience and readiness to innovate. The measures are mixed and matched for different needs or as KPIs. There are variants for patient, staff and carer-report.

Example survey

Real-time dashboards on all surveys

The results Portal presents the findings in near real time as charts or tables to help users and managers understand what is happening and take action to improve things.  Each service has a bespoke dashboard, which is kept up to date automatically and is easily understood to see what really matters.

View example dashboard


R-Outcomes are used across a wide range of services and work programmes. We have particular expertise in evaluation and KPIs in the following areas:

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Social prescribing and care navigation

Community Multi-disciplinary Teams (MDT)

Care homes

General practice

Management of long-term conditions

Facilitated discharges

Mental health


Health coaching

Innovation evaluation

What our customers say about using R-Outcomes

“I have seen the new reports which are perfect! It has made looking for information so much easier. The new dashboard is really user friendly. It is simple but you can get all the information that you require from it, with a click and a glance.”

Emily BestICT Co-ordinator

“Living with diabetes since childhood, I want to get up in the morning, knowing that I can live a normal life. Clinical outcomes are essential, but the outcomes I experience daily (patient-reported outcomes) have more meaning for me.”

Sandra TweddellWest of England AHSN

“These tools provide important insights into the experience of service users and staff. When combined with other qualitative and objective data, we see corroboration between findings, e.g. self-management and reduced use of emergency services.”

Phillipa Darnton,Associate Director - Insight, Wessex AHSN