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All people want the same things

To feel well, to do what we want and have a long happy worthwhile life.
We also want excellent service and to be as much in control as possible.

Our measures

R-Outcomes is a family of simple, easy to use tools and services to capture and track patient, staff and carer perceptions of their health, wellbeing, confidence and experience.

They have been developed to record what matters most to people – how happy you are and how you feel about your health, your care and your job. These measures can help you improve your service and can ensure that commissioners, regulators and patients are aware of the quality of the service you provide.

These validated research-based tools are:

  • Generic –apply to all people
  • Short – quick and easy to use
  • A family of measures – all work in the same way
These short surveys apply across all health and social care, irrespective of condition or type of care. They minimise respondent burden and provide fast feedback to stakeholders.

Uses include:

  • Programme evaluation (e.g. NHS Vanguards and Testbeds)
  • Quality improvement
  • Audit
  • Commissioning for value
  • Patient care

Short introductory video

With thanks to West of England AHSN
With thanks to West of England AHSN.