As part of the R-Outcomes promise to provide simple, easy to use tools and services we also commit to providing simple, easy to understand results via our bespoke reporting dashboard. We offer two reports, one that analysis your results at a service level and the other that looks at your results at a patient level.

Our reports provide you with live results feedback via a URL link, in addition we provide monthly summaries of findings, including data comparison against our extensive benchmarking data.

Each of our reports is fully customisable to ensure that your results are presented in a way that is most useful to your service.

Example of our Service Level Report:  

  • Results can be filtered by demographic information
  • Ability to track results collected by month

  • Demographic information such as locality, contact type, age and gender can all be shown in individual graphs.

  • Each R-Outcomes question item is shown in a simple format allowing you to see changes in results between specific points in time (often first and final visits).
  • Each question group is also shown as an aggregated score to allow for an overall summary score between specific points in time.

Example of our Patient Level Report:  

  • Results can be filtered by unique identifier/serial number

  • Results track changes in responses to question groups (such as Health Status) over a number of points in time, often first and final visits, however the report can accommodate as many touch points as required.

  • Reports are also able to show bespoke questions, the example below tracks the response of patients to MyCaw (Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing) data collected over a number of points in time.

The Data 

We apply the following rules as a starting point for interpretation:

0-39 40-59 60-79 80 and over
Very low scores Low scores Moderate scores High scores


For all R-Outcomes question items, a score is applied to each response option, these scores are allocated to each response recorded in Survey Gizmo meaning that when the data is extracted the values will already be assigned. You won’t need to complete any data analysis yourselves. We can also provide you with the raw data to be integrated with your own internal reporting systems.

All of the information gathered for use by R-Outcomes will be stored confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will only be available to you and those involved as part of an agreed service.