Staff-Reported Outcome Measures Poster

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R-Outcomes’ staff measures cover service excellence, job confidence,
work wellbeing (satisfaction) and service integration. We also show a
staff or carer-reported measure of patients need (howRthey).
These tools are short, quick and easy to use. They work well
with all staff groups, including those whose first language is
not English. They share a common framework with 4 items and
4 responses, suitable for use on member of staff’s own smartphone,
tablet or PC.
Results show trends, changes and comparisons. Findings are easy to
interpret, providing rapid feedback to managers, staff and others.
R-Outcomes measures have been ten years in development
and testing.
We provide software for data collection, analysis and reporting.
Consulting services can help and tailor implementation to local
needs, for analytics and other purposes. Data may be collected
anonymously or as identifiable patient data. Identifiable data can
be imported into EHR systems using SNOMED CT and
Read Codes. All R-Outcomes measures are copyright and require
a license.