Patient Measures

Treatment & Care

What we can measure


Self-Care includes self-management of diet, physical activity, weight and medication. (PROM, 28 words, 9 years)


Adherence includes remembering to take medications, do treatments and to follow instructions, given side-effects, recovery and satisfaction. (PROM, 32 words, 8 years)

Behavioural Change

Acceptance of loss covers how you cope with loss, learn to live with events, including recognition of capabilities and change, how to do things differently and to move on with life, along the lines of the grief cycle. (PROM, 32 words, 6 years)

Shared Decision-Making

This measure is based on guidance from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and is an alternative the measure listed in Patients 2. (PROM, 17 words, 5 years)


Sleep patterns are an important determinant of health and well-being. (PROM, 29 words, 6 years)


Fatigue is a common complaint in primary care and has a big impact on quality of life. (PROM, 27 words, 9 years)