Patient Measures

Community & Culture

What we can measure

Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health (SDH) impact health and care outcomes but are outside the clinical system. Education, self-esteem (status), housing and poverty all play a big role. (PROM, 31 words, 7 years)

Social Capital

Social capital, community cohesion and relationships with your neighbours are impacted by how much people know, trust and help each other. (PROM, 19 words, 8 years)

Behavioural Change

Behaviour change covers your capability, opportunity and motivation (conscious and unconscious) to change  what you do, based on Michie’s COM-B model. (PROM, 29 words, 6 years)

Shared Decision-Making

Shared decision making (SDM) covers your involvement in clinical decisions and plans, including understanding the options and the risks and benefits of each choice. (PROM, 28 words, 9 years)

Personal Safety

Personal safety includes physical safety (from injury) and emotional safety (from verbal abuse or discrimination), which may take place either inside your own home or when you go out. (PROM, 30 words, 10 years)


Privacy covers your perception of provider’s data protection, data sharing and information governance performance (PREM, 37 words, 10 years)