Alex Benson

Project Manager
R-Outcomes Ltd.
07828 161966


Alex is a quick and adaptable learner who views obstacles as a challenge to meet.

Alex directs and oversees projects and/or plans for new and existing customers, and prospects. This involves planning each stage, attending meetings and follow through. Also involved with managing developers to ensure that software performs as expected. Builds surveys and produces monthly, quarterly and annual reports for customers.

Previous jobs

Customer Service Advisor at AO Retail, Thatcham, receiving inbound calls from customers, including frequent complaint handling. He worked in inbound sales for a time, and achieved the highest conversion rate for that period.

Alex was a Customer Complaints Expert at Lloyds Bank, Andover. He handled 80+ calls per day for complaints that had been escalated beyond first contact resolution. Assisted in weekly meetings with Head of Department.

Exclusive Customer Care Manager at BetBright, Dublin. Alex monitored VIP account usage, kept close relations to key customers and built rapport with them. He attended weekly meetings with Head of Department to relay information and ideas, with heavy focus on customer retention.

Alex studied Accountancy at university for 3 months.  He dropped out to get into work as he did not feel ready for university at the time. He plans to attend Open University part time from September 2022.


Alex was a finalist in the English junior chess championships.