Patient-Reported Outcome Measures Poster

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R-Outcomes’ family of short generic patient-reported measures cover
health status, patient experience, personal wellbeing and health
confi dence. They can be used at the point of care or between visits.
These share a common framework with 4 items and 4 responses,
suitable for use on a patient’s own smart-phone, tablet, PC
or on paper.
These tools are research-based and are short, quick and easy to use.
They are generic and suitable for almost all patients irrespective of
conditions across health and social care. The results measure trends,
changes and comparisons.
Results are easy to interpret, giving feedback to patients, clinicians,
managers and commissioners, tracking changes and differences
between units.
These validated tools are short and quick to use with simple
unambiguous wording, understood by those whose fi rst language is
not English.