Patient Measures

Quality of Life

What we can measure

Health status (howRu)

Health status (howRu) is sometimes referred to as health-related quality of life. This was the first in the family. (PROM, 24 words, 8 years)

Personal wellbeing (PWS)

Personal Well-being Score (PWS) is based on the Office of National Statistics ONS4. Unlike ONS4 all items are worded positively, and it has a summary score. (PROM, 29 words, 8 years)

Person-specific Outcome (PSO)

The Person-Specific Outcome measure (PSO) is a short generic individualised outcome measure, where patients type in one or two issues that concern them most, which are then rated in terms of the amount of concern each is causing. (PROM, 34 words, 7 years)


Sleep hygiene is an important determinant of health and well-being. (PROM, 29 words, 6 years)


Fatigue is a common presenting complaint in primary care and can have a large impact on quality of life. (PROM, 27 words, 9 years)