Patient Measures

Patient Experience

What we can measure

Patient experience

Patient experience (howRwe) covers peoples’ perception of the care and service provided by a specific service in terms of compassion, communication, access and organisation. (PREM, 18 words, 7 years)

Result Satisfaction

Result Satisfaction, or functional experience, covers the patient’s happiness, contentment, and satisfaction with a specific session, stay or consultation. (PREM, 42 words, Reading age 9 years).

Service integration

Service integration captures how well services collaborate. (PREM, 35 words, 8 years)


Privacy covers patients’ perceptions of data protection, sharing and information governance. (PREM, 37 words, 9 years)

Product confidence

Product confidence covers understanding of and confidence in using a specific innovation, application or product. (PREM, 25 words, 9 years)

User satisfaction

User satisfaction focuses on people’s perception of how much an innovation is useful and easy to use, availability of help and overall satisfaction. (PREM, 33 words, 5 years)


The Training measure is based on Kirkpatrick’s four levels (Reaction, Learning, Behaviour and Results), which were first introduced in the 1950s. (PREM, 34 words, 7 years)