Patient Measures

Individual care

What we can measure

Health confidence (HCS)

Health Confidence Score (HCS covers people’s confidence about looking after their own health. (PROM, 38 words, 7 years)


Self-care, includes self-management of diet, physical activity, weight and medication. (PROM, 28 words, 9 years)

Shared decisions (SDM)

Shared decisions (SDM) covers patients’ involvement in clinical decisions, including their understanding of the choices and the risks and benefits of each. (PROM, 28 words, 9 years)

Behaviour change

Behaviour change covers capability, opportunity and motivation (conscious and unconscious) to change behaviour based on Michie’s COM-B model. PROM, 29 words, 6 years)


Adherence includes remembering to take medications, have treatment and to follow instructions, given side effects or recovery, and satisfaction. (PROM, 32 words, 8 years)

Acceptance of loss

Acceptance of loss covers how people cope with loss, learn to live with events, including recognition of capabilities and change, how to do things differently and to move on with life, along the lines of the grief cycle. (PROM, 32 words, 5 years)