Patient Measures


What we can measure

Social determinants (SDoH)

Social determinants of health (SDH) impact health and care outcomes but are outside the clinical system. Education, autonomy, housing and poverty all play a big role. (PROM, 31 words, 7 years)

Social contact

Social Contact is an important determinant of health and well-being. This measure focuses on peoples’ perception of loneliness and their social relationships in a positive way. (PROM, 31 words, 7 years)


(This measure is included as an alternative to Social Contact, based on guidance from the Office of National Statistics (ONS). (PROM, 17 words, 5 years)

Neighbour relationships

Social capital, community cohesion and relationships with your neighbours are impacted by how much people know, trust and help each other. (PROM, 19 words, 8 years)

Personal safety

Personal safety includes physical safety (from injury) and emotional safety (from verbal abuse or discrimination), which may take place either inside your own home or when you go out. (PROM, 30 words, 10 years)

Digital confidence (DCS)

Digital confidence assesses people’s confidence in using digital apps and similar devices. (PROM, 36 words, 12 years)