Service Integration – Patient view

In complex systems, such as healthcare, relationships across different services are really important in providing a joined up service to patients. Collaboration within workgroups is often better than collaboration between silos. This Service Integration measure focuses on how well different services work together, as perceived by patients.

The four items are rated on a sale from Strongly agree to Disagree.

  1. Services talk to each other covers how well patients think that services communicate with each other in ways that are frequent, timely and accurate.
  2. Staff know what other services do covers patients’ impressions of whether services have shared goals, knowledge and mutual respect.
  3. I don’t have to repeat my story covers practical issues of efficiency and patients’ frustration in repeating their history dozens of times.
  4. Different services work well together is all about patient-centred team work.

This measure addresses the same issues as Gittell’s Relational Coordination method.[1]


  1. Gittell JH. Transforming relationships for high performance: the power of relational coordination. Stanford Business Books 2016