Digital Measures

Innovation Readiness

People and organisations vary in how ready they are to adopt innovations. People may or may not be open to the need for change or be well-informed about what is possible. Organisations may or may not be receptive to new ideas or have the capability to make change work well.

Innovation Adoption

Successful change does not just happen. People need to understand what is proposed, think about how to do it, actively collaborate to make it work and think about how it could be adapted and improved. These ideas are based around Normalisation Process Theory.

The Digital Confidence Score (DCS) is a short generic measure of people’s self-efficacy in using digital devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.  The purpose of the DCS is to help is to group people according to their level of digital self-efficacy and digital inclusion, so that people who need more help get it, and those that do not need help with digital devices can get on with it.

Application Rating Questionnaire (ARQ) is a short generic questionnaire to allow end users to rate their perceptions of a software application or product. The scope includes all software, not only apps used on mobile devices. Applications have many purposes, and a generic rating tool needs to cope with a very wide range of use cases.